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Holey Moses Air Intake System (DP Exclusive)

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Prod. Code: HM-FA Nut Set (2)

Clone Engine 6.5hp 

NEW and Improved for 2017

Holey Moses (HM-FA) Air Intake System..
      Its made up of 7 pieces..
      2} Carb Studs
      2} Special Machined Nuts
(Now Socket Head Nuts)
      2} Specially Machined Billet Alum Air Intake, 2       
          pieces become one when assembled.
(Now Improved Finish for even better flow)
      1} Low Restrictive Gasket

>>> When assembled there is zero restrictions or anything in the way to slow down air flow. The air now can enter the carburetor in a true clockwise swirel motion.. This was proven years ago with the Tillitson carbs and experients conduced by EC Birt himself..

>>> These are American made and being its 7 pieces its a bit more expensive than the standard adapters on the market today.. We will not make all kinds of outlandish claims.. Thousands of satisfied customers over the last 3 years can't be wrong..    Price is $36.00  .

NEW Socket Head Replacement Nut Sets Now Available


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