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Annual Trade In Days are in effect Sept 12th - Oct 12th 2016


Alert Alert > We are ONLY taking in (2) more trades.. Response has been great!


Trade in that Old Engine thats just not up to Par anymore for a Brand New Shiney Dover Power Built Engine.


Your trade in must be a complete engine minus header,,chain guard & clutch. It must be capable of cranking up.. No welded blocks accepted. Any additional parts missing will be deducted from the allowed trade in value offered.


Acceptable trade ins can be Briggs Flatheads, Briggs Animals, Clones, Honda, Predators.


Trade in Allowance schedule

* DP Engine Packages $700 - $800 retail  ($150 Trade in Allowance)

* DP Engine Packages $801 - $1000 ($200 Trade in Allowance)


DP Engine Packages $1001 - $1300 ($250 Trade in Allowance)


DP Engine Packages  $1301 & Up ($300 Trade in Allowance)


DP Briggs LO206 Packages ($100 Trade in Allowance)


Buyer pays all transportation charges, we will discount outbound shipping to customer. Build time will vary deoending on amount od sales generated by this sale. Dover Power guarantees these engines to pass the upcoming rules for 2017. Inquire for further information.