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USA Distributor for DER-KEL Racing Products


Tire Wash

Cleans Tires better than anything on the market.

Using for wash only it can be cut up to 50%

Used Full Strength it will remove tire prep and bring rubber back to virgin status.

Prolongs tire life by revitalizing the rubber

Tire Conditioner

This is Stage 2 of complete tire care for all forms of racing.

This agent is also a revitalizer, a actual tire prep to create the ultimate ahesion needed on dirt tracks.

Designed to be used full strngth

Parts Cleaner / Degreaser

Industrial Strength degreaser

General use it can be cut up to 50%

For use in Parts Washing Vats keep at Full Strength or cut by 20% with Water                     



Body Wash

Strong Cleaner that requires very little brushing if any to clean your race car or Kart

It will not harm the decals and body wraps.

It leaves your car and decals with a brillent finish

Aluminum Cleaner

Needs to be cut due to being Industrial Strenght

Experiment before use

Will clean and brighten aluminum back to new status

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