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Engines & Eng Kits > DP 2023 Stock Class Blueprinted Clone Long Block
DP 2023 Stock Class Blueprinted Clone Long Block

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Price: $429.00
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Dover Power ProLine  Clone Long Block

Any Sanctioning Body  Legal Stock Class 

This engine is built to your spec's & Class


Fully machined Black, Head & Crankshaft

Custom Cam, lifters,,push rods

piston ass'y with Lo Tension rings

Head is fully assembled with the best parts avaiable

Stainless Steel Head Bolts, Rev Pro Reds Springs, plumbed valve cover

Completely ASSEMBLED and ready for you to add your own parts to finish..


We also offer this Long Block with a matching Holey Moses Carburetor & Restrictor plate if Needed..


We attempt to have these ready to ship when ordered.. In the event we are out at time of order we will build it within 5-7 days..

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