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NEW for 2019

Rev Pro " Superman " Series Cams for Honda, Clones 196cc & Predator 212cc OHV Engines

* Superman Outlaw #265 > Hi Torque Cam, Can be run with stock Valve Train, guhe take off & acceleration..265 Lift 

* Superman Modified #275 > Wide Power Band, Great Stock Appearing Cam or All Out Modified.. 275 Lift

* Superman Legal Restricted Class Cam (HMC 15 Jr.)  REd,,Green,,Purple Plate Cam. Nothing Better on the Market

New for 2019

* Mr Mean Green Racing Oil

Specialy made for 4 Cycle Splash Oil Systems & Hi RPM's.  Highest Anti Wear Agent Count in the Industry..

This oil is fully Synthetic, contains Moley, Zinc & Rust Inhibters..  To be Used with Gasoline ONLY

Sold 3 Ways > 

# 14 oz > 1 Change > $6.99   

# 28 oz > 2 Changes > $11.99 

# 1 Gallon   128 oz =  9 Oil Changes  > 39.99

This oil is a bit more Expensive than we are use to selling, BUT this oil will protect your engine better than anything we have ever seen and will last the entire race day...  Spend a lil & Save alot..


5th Annivesery and Going STRONG... WE are now the Sole Owner of this Product Now

All Sales  Go through US or one of our Dealers.. 100% USA Made, Eco Friendly and Safe to Use

* Go to our Race Tire ReHab Page for Complete Details

ReHab is now being used on tires for >>  Go Karts, Race Cars, Drag Racers, Mud Boggers & Drag, RC Cars

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