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Race Engine Deals (Priced as Shown, no other items added) Details on Price List

AKRA / NKA / WKA Stock Class Engine  $700 (Shown in Picture Above

Clone Hot Rod / Cheater Stock Engine  $750

Predator 212cc Outlaw No Rules Engine $600

Goldie Locks Race Clutches

** Dual Disc >> $199   ** Triple Disc >> $229

** Clutch Colors Vary **

ProLine Race Jackets

Youth Small -- Adult XXXL

All Sizes >> $65

 $129          No Shipping on Bodies,, Pick Up ONLY

ProLine Kart Bodies 

Medium Swoop Sides Only as Shown                       

Colors Shown Above, White,Black,Red,Green,Blue

Commerical Quality Tents

All Steel Construction

**10x10  Black or Blue  (Extra Heavy Duty,, Legs are double the size as normal Tents) $89

**10x15  Black or Hoosier Purple (All Steel Construction) $149  (Shown in Picture)

NO SHIPPING due to weight,, Pick Up Only

Tire Durometers

Digital or Dial with Protective Cases

** Digital  $49         ** Dial   $36

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