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WKA / IKF Stock Class Raptor 4 Race Engine

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Prod. Code: DP-FH-Stkclass

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WKA / IKF  Stock Class Raptor 4 Race Engine

This engine is completely blueprinted to your exact needs. These engines are not sitting on the shelf  drawing dust and rust. Shelf engines fastly become obsolete due to rule changes and on going R&D for the latest / greatest power we have to offer..

When ordering this engine we need to know actual class you are running, track type and size. Header requirements etc.  Actual shipping time will vary due to season and work loads in our shop. This offering includes all Stock Classes, Unrestricted or Restricted classes.

This engines comes with everything you need with exception of clutch. It includes header, muffler,chain guard,throttle assy,filter adapter and filter,racing spark plug,braced gas tank,billet head strap. (NO starter is included)

All our Blueprinted engines have breakin time and DYNO tested for top performance.



>>> Once engine is selected and transaction completed you need to be sure and EMAIL us and give additional info.


* Class and Sanctioning (WKA or IKF)

* Track Configeration and size

* Header rule? ie: Muffler or Not

* Phone Number in case we need to speak with you.

* We will send a return email giving approx shipping date. Expect a minimum of 3-4 working days to ship. 



>> In the picture it shows a carburetor brace. This brace has been discontinued due to it contributing to actual carburetor breakage. Our tank braces does the work by itself for your best protection.

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