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Dover Power Blueprinted Animal Engines

The product you selected is currently unavailable.

Price: $1,395.00
Prod. Code: DP-AN-stkclass

 Dover Power Blueprinted Animal  WKA / IKF

Any stock class ranging from Jr 1   to Unrestricted Stock class

This engine will be custom built to your exact needs per class and track configeration.

This Package Includes:

* Completely Blueprinted Engine

* Complete Exhaust System

* Chain Guard / Heat Shield

* Air Filter , Racing Spark Plug, Throttle Ass'y

* Everything you need minus the clutch

*** Customer will need an Electric Starter to crank these engines..

>>> Once engine is selected and transaction completed you need to be sure and EMAIL us and give additional info.


*  Class and  Sanctioning (WKA or IKF)

* Track Configeration and size

* Header rule? ie: Muffler or Not

* Phone Number in case we need to speak with you.

* We will send a return email giving approx shipping date. Expect a minimum of  3-4 working days to ship.

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