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Pro Series Block with Extras

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Price: $479.00
Prod. Code: BF-BPR4BlkProkit

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 Briggs Raptor 4 Dual Bearing , Steel Bore Block

This block is the newest design, its brand new ..

No welding to reinforce lifter galley is needed with these new blocks.

This block has been completely BLUEPRINTED for WKA or IKF stock class rules

Below is the things done in our shop to make this the best performing block you can by anywhere.

* Align Bored * 2 Aftermarket Max id valve seats innstalled. * 2 Total Length Valve guides installed,

* Block deck is cut to your allowable rules. * Both In & Ex Ports have be cut and contoured per your class.

* Lifter bores chamfered. * Spring Pockets cut to stablilize the valve springs and enable proper valve float settings

** Blueprinted Valve set Sealed into your block, correct valve spring set for proper valve float, spring retainers also included..

** Piston Ass'y and Rings per your bore size.

** 2 Lifter Guides installed

This is now our Pro Edition Block !!!

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