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Carburetors (All Engines) > "Holey Moses" Our Best Stock Class Carburetors (2022 Edition)
"Holey Moses" Our Best Stock Class Carburetors (2022 Edition)

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Price: $69.00
Prod. Code: Carburetors

 This is our Best Stock Class Blueprinted Clone Carburetor. This carb is 100% AKRA / NKA / WKA legal.. (2022 rules)

"Holey Moses" got its name for 2 reasons.. Techmen have done everything but sawing the carburetors in half searching for holes and other reasons this carb flows so good.. The second reason for the name derived from people bolting it on and hitting the track. When they returned to the pits. All they can say is "Holey Moses" that carb rips and has tons of acceleration. You don't even need a stop watch to feel the gains.


Our listings now have a special carburetor for Jr1 Class Carbs.. These will be specially set up for a GEAR RULE RULE.. These rules are designed to make the engine to over rev to hopefully slow them down and even up the class.. These rules are only found in the Jr 1 class using Red or Green Restricters..


**  Extra Hi Speed Jet is included in the box just in case you need to adjust due to weather or altitude reasons. Also Info on Maintence and usage of our carbs.

*** Choice of Fuel at no Extra Charge

** OVER 24,000 sold from Oct 2010 to Dec 2020 **


These carburetors can not be used on a OEM Stock Air Box situation.. Go to our Air Box Carb Listings for those

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