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Carburetors (All Engines) > 2021 Holey Moses Animal "Blueprinted" Carburetor Packages
2021 Holey Moses Animal "Blueprinted" Carburetor Packages

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Price: $105.00
Prod. Code: HM-ANCarb


Holey Moses Animal Blueprinted Carburetor Packages

WKA / IKF  Legal for stock class

Unrestricted or Restrictor Plate Versions

 Extentsive testing went into the REDESIGN of this carb we are now offering... We feel this carb will now be more dependable day in and day out.. It should be like our very sucessful clone carb lineup...


List of Carburetors and Accesories

* B&S Boxed Carburetor (Untouched / Animal or LO206)   # AN-Box Carb

* Animal WKA / IKF Blueprinted Carb  # AN-BP Carb

* LO-206 Blueprinted Carburetor  # AN-LO-206 BP Carb

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