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Briggs Flathead  G Force Grade AAA Carburetors

Fuel Type

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Orig. Price: $250.00
Sale Price: $199.95
Prod. Code: BS-AAA-Unrest

 This is our " BEST"  Flathead Stock Class Carburetor

G Force Grade AAA   (All stock classes covered in this offering)

Carb comes with all bolts and gaskets.  (Plates are EXTRA)

These carbs have ROCKED the 4 cycle karting world for over 20 years. Many other builders have tried to copy it without success. Many other builders accross the USA use this carb on their engines.. Over 4000 sold in the past 20 years.

These carbs carry a Limited Lifetime Breakage Warrenty. If it gets broken by any means the cost to replace it is $125.00 at present.  Contact us directly for complete details.

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