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Carburetors (All Engines) > Holey Moses Clone Stock Appearing 200 Series Carb
Holey Moses Clone Stock Appearing 200 Series Carb

The product you selected is currently unavailable.

Price: $129.00
Prod. Code: Carburetors

 To Order this carb its best to Call US to Place order.. We may have a  backlog ranging from 1 to 4 weeks on orders and your order must be scheduled..It varies as the year goes... Ask around its worth the wait...


Clone Stock Appearing Carburetor (200cc Series Carb Core)

.750 Throttle Bore and approx .680 Venturi  (No epoxy used)

Extensive machine work is done to this carb, all flow tested and balanced (Fuel to air ratio)

Quality and Performance is second to none (ask around)


THe above listing needs more info for us to complete the sale.

You have a choice of fuel  (Gas or Methanol) also Choke in or no choke

These carbs need to be custom BUILT to your EXACT needs.... 

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