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Holey Moses GX390 Carburetor Line Up

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Price: $24.00
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Prod. Code: EB - 390carb

Holey Moses Honda Clone GX 390 Carburetor

Extensive testing has wert into developing this carb to work without tuning problems etc.. This has been the strong point with all our Holey Moses Products..

We have both Stock Untouched and Stock Custom Jetted.. Jetted version will work nicely on most any engine 196cc-212cc with a great power gain.

In MOST Cases the Super Stock Carb version is all you will need for a moderately built stock appearing engine..

The SA Modified version is an all out carb for the very large stock appearing ultilizing big bore,, big valves and stroked cranks.. This version will have to be custom built for your exact needs.. Expect 2-4 week build time.. Just like our Famous GX200 SA Carb..

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