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Headers & Mufflers > "Holey Moses" Clone Header Line up (5 to choose from)
"Holey Moses"  Clone Header Line up (5 to choose from)

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Prod. Code: DP-HMP-Std

  Holey Moses Clone Header Line Up

Our Pipes Come Black Oxide Coated and has its on muffler clamp system included with clamps


** HMP-Standard  > .880 id Primary with multi staging.. Ideal for all restricted classes and unrestricted when on tight tracks. This pipe discharges directly down behind engine.


** HMP-Fat Boy > .880 id Primary with multi staging, its designed for larger drivers where heat becomes a problem with shoulder / upper arm. This pipe lays over the motor more and discharges behind the seat.. It works ideal for Restricted and Unrestricted classes where  bottom end and top end balance is needed.


** HMP-Interceptor (NEW for 2017) >  .880 id primary with multi staging. This pipe is a up in the air model like many are running in 2017. It discharges directly out the back of kart, up high.. This pipe works in restricted classes any track,, on unrestricted its a good choice for tighter race tracks where bottom end torque is needed..Ideal Pipe for Champ Karts, usually clears bars..


** HMP-Top Ender > .930 id primary, multi staging. This is a up in the air model like the Interceptor. It discharges out the back of kart.. This pipe is more for Top End race tracks , usually tracks requiring 16 tooth and bigger clutch gears is where this pipe excells.. ITS also great for stock appearing and Modified engines.. Its also ideal for champ karts due to clearing the bars...


NEW FOR 2017

** HMP-Interceptor PLUS

** HMP-Top Ender PLUS


Both these pipes have a 1/2" Mounting Flange

They are CNC Machined to Match your Exhaust port for improved Performance.  Don't expect huge gains,, our findings has shown slight gains and depends on the indivdual engine..



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