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Tools & Gauges > DVD-Clone Tech 101 (2019 Edition)
DVD-Clone Tech 101 (2019 Edition)

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Clone Tech 101

This is a demonstration video for the racer to know how tech should be done and what to expect in the tech room.

When in the tech room its to your best interest you be as knowlegable as possible, this video will give you all the tools you need to be ready that inportant day..

For the engine builder this video is a must to know the do's and don't do's when building engines by the rules... This video can also educate you on the critical areas that can produce the most HP.. Face it there wouldn't be a rule for it if it was not a critical area..

Every track should possess one of these DVD's to standardize their tech methods at their track..


If ordering this DVD alone we will ship it USPS Small Flat Rate Box @ $6.00

The store will show UPS rates ONLY.. WE will change it before shipping and credit back the over charges..

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