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Universal Valve Spring Tester  (Coming SOON)

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Universal Valve Spring Checker / Piston Ring Tension Tester

This unit will test all your springs you use in todays kart racing engines.

It comes with a standard set up to test Clone engine Valve springs used in AKRA stock classes.

A additional universal height gauge will be built soon to enable the checking of Briggs springs and others..

The tester is designed to enalbe people to be able to check their own springs.. To let you know when a spring is worn down and to test the new springs you buy to make sure they are good springs to install.. No more guessing.. This unit will pay for itself in savings on changing springs that are still good.. This unit was NOT designed to be used in TECH, anything used other than the Legal Dead Weight Checker has too much chance of error to be used in teching.

Secondly) this unit also can be used for checking piston ring tension. When rebuilding your engine take thetop 2 rings and install them into the tester.. Use those readings to help direct you to the tension you want to strive for with the replacement rings.. Be it heating them or your method of eliminating drag..

Third) This unit will weigh all your internal parts. In most cases lighter is better on anything moving. BUT we do have minimum weights allowed..

The unit is  AC / DC powered for long life and enables you to use on the road or at home / shop

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