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Rev Pro "Holey Moses" Series Clone Cams

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Rev Pro Clone Stock Class Cams

We have done extensive testing into these cams like all the other products we make or endorse. The cams can be bought individualy or in kit from..

Kit Consist of > Cam & Rev Pro Reds Valve spring set ($51.90 Value)



# HMC-15 jr (New for 2015 & Still Nothing Better on the Market

Specially developed for the Smaller Restrictor Plate Engines. Especially Red &Green Plates where they lack bottom end acceleration.. This cam along with our Holey Moses Carb will get you up on your RPM's quicker than other combinations we have tried / tested over the past years..


Like anyones cam today. Its best to check lift when installing.We have the proper tools and info if needed. 

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