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Predator 212cc Cams

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Predator 212cc Cams


1)  Stock OEM Cams

      Brand New Take Out Cams removed from Brand New Engines

2)  Dyno CL1-Inp Cam (Close to stock grind BUT much improved,, Common Cheater Stock Cam

3)  Dyno CL2  Cam.  More Aggressive stock grind.. Used for Cheater stock cam

4)  Dyno Mod 2 Cam.   Some use these in stock class Predators,, very aggressive or used as a starting point for a outlaw engine build..

5)  Superman #265 Cam... Used to build Outlaw Engines,, wide power bands... Best to use 22 or 26lb springs

6)  Superman #275 Modified Cam,,, very wide power band, best to use 26 or 32lb springs

7) Dyno F275 Modified Cam

8) Dyno 308 Modified Cam

9) Dyno 356 Modified Cam

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