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Race Tire ReHab > 2020 "Race Tire ReHab" Use Instructions
2020 "Race Tire ReHab"  Use Instructions

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 "Race Tire ReHab"

Tire Cleaner

2020 Instructional Information

Race Car / Go Kart Proven

100% Legal (All Test)

Since the product hit the market back in mid 2014 it has evolved through testing and customer feedback. In the race car market it was much simplier to make due to not having to fight and or mix in with the harmful tire preps used in karting. Our product has proven itself very effective and beneficial for racers trying to save money and minimize the amount of time being exposed to the harmful chemicals found in most tire preps.. Below we will attempt to explain the uses of our products to enhance your racing and budget..

ALL New for 2018

The Return of the Original Race Tire ReHab

Now its Concentrated so it can be shipped at a much lower cost

It also enables you to be able to adjust to the strength you need for the job at hand..



Explaining proper mixtures & Usage (mixes with water)

Tire Cleaner

** Lite Cleaning > 1 qt Tire Cleaner make 1.50 gal

This is usually used when in a hurry at the track, you may spray it on and simply wipe it off.. Or have tire off the kart and rinse off with water.

** Deep Cleaning > 1 qt Tire Cleaner make 1 gal

This is usually done at home the day after the race.

Deep Cleaning utlizes a stronger mixture to keep deep into the pours of the tire and open them up to allow tire to breathe.. Spray on a moderate amount of cleaner,, take a bristle brush and brush the entire tire rigeriously. Once you feel you have covered the entire tire its best to dunk the tire into a pail of hot water. Have a seperate brush and again scrub the tire while in the water.. Once clean put tire out and allow to dry.. The tire should dry and look very clean (Black). Realize the liquid will dry at the rate of normal water.


** Using todays automatc tire washers is a great way to maximize the strength of our tire cleaner.. Using pressure and heat is fast and thorough way to clean tires.. This is perfect for the track BUT using a bristle brush as well at home for deep cleaning is BEST or in combination of both.

Use 1 to 1.5 qts. of cleaner to approx 4-5 gal of water.

Weekly or bi weekly drain your mixture. Drain off most of the mixture but not all the way to the bottom.. When you reach the actual dirt setiment stop.. Wash out the setiment in bottom of tank.. Then strain the mixture you took out of tank in the beginning and reuse.. Add 1 part Cleaner to 3 Parts water to refill your tank. You can repeat this for 3-4 weeks before making up an entire new batch.. That way it becomes very economical and effective.



You can use this product 2 ways

Method #1 >  Wash Tire like described above.. Then repeat the same method using Race Tire Rehab.. This will keep tires fresh and will help you decrease the amount of Prep needed to do the same job as without this Product.. 


Method #2 >  After washing tires and or  using Method #1 above.. Once tires Dry you can spray a light coat of Rehab on your tires,, side walls and all.. Throw them in a trash bag and tie off air tight.. This is the way to Revitalize the rubber much deeper..

On Dry Slick tracks and also track that are hard and rubber ed up tracks you can spray Rehab on instead of using tire preps.. This can be an advantage that the other racers are missing.. This product will help slow down or deter over heating of tires...




Few More Tips

** Best to not use a pressure washer over 2000 psi on your tires. The high pressure with literally rip the tiny pours thats in your tires. Causing the tire to give up prematurely.. Usually the automatic karting tire cleaners are 2000 psi and under and won't harm your tires.

** We hope you will give our Conditioner a chance without using prep.. In many cases it can eliminate the use of cut out up to 80% of the prep you are presently using.. Think about the $$$ savings alone.. Plus using our tire products should allow you to be able to run your tires to the cord instead of a tire sealing up early due to literally melting the rubber (closing up the pours) with the harsh solvents in preps.

** The instructions mentions spraying on the products. It also can be brushed or wiped on. Spraying seems to help on waste and ease of use..

** All our Products are SAFE for your Family & ease of use, No Vapor issues,Biodegradable, ECO Friendly & Best of all much lower cost factor to be competitive in todays dirt track racing.




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