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Gasket Sets  (Honda,Clones,Predators)

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Gasket Sets

Honda, Chinese Clones, Predators


Honda & Chinese Clones GX160-200 / 196cc Engines

** #1  Std Gasket Set ( .009 Steel HG, Std Sump, carb,Isolator, exhaust, & Valve Cover Gaskets) 6 pc set

** #2   ProLine Gasket Set (Choice of Head Gasket, Black Super Seal Sump & Blue Shim Gasket,                                      carb,isolator,exhaust &  Rubberized Valve Cover Gasket, 2 crank seals) 9 pc set


Predator 212cc  Engines

** #3  Hemi Stf OEM Gasket Set (.045 OEM HG, Std Sump, carb,isolator,exhaust, OEM valve cover & filter                box gasket) 7 pc 

** #4  Hemi  Performance Gasket Set (012 Stainless Steel HG, Sump, carb,isolator,valve cover, exhaust & 2                 crank seals) 8 pc 

** #5  NON Hemi  Std OEM Gasket Set (009 steel HG, sump,carb,isolator,exhaust,air box & Valve Cover                    Gaskets) 7 pc set

** #6  NON Hemi Performance Set ( 012 Stainless Steel HG, sump,carb,isolator,exhaust,rubberized valve                  cover gasket & 2 crank seals..

>> Non Hemi Head Gaskets do not need or use the Head Dowel Pins, head bolts align them perfectly <<


***** You are allowed to swap out the head gasket on ANY set by selecting your choice on the               drop down menu..

         Whats listed is our recommendations and most popular..

         OEM stands for Original Manufactured Gasket for that engine. All others are perfect                      copies

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