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Predator 212cc Crankshafts

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Predator 212cc Crankshafts

**Hemi & Non Hemi

**Also +.040 Over Stroke Crank that adds another 5cc to the engine size.. This crank is Honda / Clone                 Demensional.

   You must use Honda/Clone Rods & Flywheels (Exception,Non Hemi Flywheel will interchange)

#1 >  Hemi OEM Crankshaft  (Crank Only)

#2 >  Non Hemi OEM Crankshaft (Crank Only)

#3 >  +040 Over Stroke SKS Crankshaft w/ProLine Bearings (Hi Speed / self aligning) Follow info below for proper application with the SKS +040 Crank

****Adding The +040 Crank to either Predator will push piston to approx TDC  plus or minus a couple  thousandths below top of cylinder.. Using this crank requires Clone Demensional Rods.

**** Std Length Rod should work fine be it Stock OEM or ARC #6270 Billet Rod for Clones, if installing a Flat Top Piston to a NON Hemi using this crank you will need a ARC 6271 Billet Rod.

**** SKS +040 crank requires a Clone  Demensional Flywheel, Non Hemi Flywheel will work BUT Hemi Flywheel will not work at all regardless of OEM or Aftermarket.




OEM Predator 212cc Cranks are very Limited on Supply, we will do our best to keep them in stock.

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