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Cylinder Heads (All Eng) > 2023 NKA Stock Class Blueprinted Head Ass'y (All Classes)
2023 NKA Stock Class Blueprinted Head Ass'y (All Classes)

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Prod. Code: Cylinder Heads

2023 NKA Stock Class Blueprinted  Head Ass'y

We offer both Bare and Fully Assembled Head Packages as well as Our COMPLETE Head / Carb Combo

#1) NKA Blueprinted Head (Bare) No additional parts or gaskets included)

#2) NKA Blueprinted Head Fully Assembled, ready to bolt on, includes valves, valve springs,rocker arms, guide plate, all gaskets, dowel pins, head bolts& all studs

#3) NKA Blueprinted Head / Carburetor Combo.. It consist of all #2 Items PLUS Holey Moses Carb, BP Insolator, Holey Moses 2 pc Filter Adapter system.. As well as Restrictor Plate if called for.... This Kit comes completely assembled and matched flowed together for maximum output..


ALL above items usually require 1-4 working days to get done and then shipped... If this is a concern you need to call us @ 704-485-2020

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