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Spring Retainers Etc

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Prod. Code: Spring Retainers Etc (All Engines)

Valve Spring Retainers Etc (All Engines)

#1) Honda, Clone, Predator Hemi OEM Stock Retainer Set (In & Ex) 160cc - 212cc

#2) Honda, Clone, Predator Hemi, Modified Single Spring (18 lbs - 26 lbs) Aluminum Retainer & Split Keepers Set (2)

       *** These will not work with Stock OEM Valves,, Only with SSI Stainless Race Valves

#3) Honda, Clone OEM Lash Cap (Normally used on Ex Valve Only)

#4) Honda, Clone, Predator Valve Stem Seal / Shim

#5) Briggs Flat Head Stock OEM Retainer Set (2)

#6) Briggs Animal OEM Retainer Set with Split Keepers



*** Modified Dual Spring Retainers & Split Keeps are listed in the Valve Spring Listings, Can only be bought in Kits

*** Predator NON Hemi (69730) Retainers & Split Keepers can only be found off Parted Out Engines.. Not yet available on the market...

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