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Clone 212cc Quality Reinforced Block

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Price: $59.95
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Prod. Code: Eng Blocks

Clone 212cc Quality Reinforced Block

Std Bore Size > 70mm / 2.755"

You can get this block from stock untouched up to Fully Blueprinted 

#1) Stock Untouched (No other Parts included)

#2) Completely Blueprinted, Includes FWS Crank Bearing & Seal, Oil Drain Plugs (2), Flat Top Piston Assy with rings and wrist pin, all accessory holes have been welded shut. Remains at Std 2.755 Bore

#3) Same as #2 with a larger bore size of your choice, you can choose your desired size in the drop down menu

#4) Same as #2 with Additional Reinforcing, we weld in a 3/16" alum plate to the flywheel area and extends upwards on cylinder where the coil mounts.. Remains Std 2.755 Bore

#5) Same as #4 with your choice of Bore size, select in drop down menu

Customized Blocks may take 2-3 days to finish, we do them as we get orders due to the variences

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